Land Release project, Kassala state in partnership with UNMAS

On 6th March 2013 JASMAR has signed agreement with UNOPS to implement land release project in Kassala state ....

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  HIV/AIDS project in partnership with UNFPA and 13 NGOs in 6 states

 JASMAR is working as umbrella NGO to implement HIV/AIDS project in Blune Nile, Sinnar, Gezira, White Nile, North Kordofan and South Kordofan state....

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   Implementation of DDR projects in partnership with UNDP, South Kordofan state:

JASMAR has successfully implemented reintegration projects ...

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Articles on Mine Action issue

Legacy of landmines in Sudan

Sudan Campaign to Ban Landmines

Full treaties' texts

Mine Ban Treaty

Rights of Persons With Disabilities

Cluster Munitions Convention

Partners' websites:


UNMAO www.mineaction.org

UNICEF www.unicef.org/suda 

International CBL www.icbl.org

UNDP www.sd.undp.org

DCA  www.danchurchaid.org

MAG  www.maginternational.org

UNFPA  www.unfpa.org

SUDANMAP www.sudan-map.org

Sudan CBL  www.sudancbl.net

CMC   www.stopclustermunitions.org


All people of Sudan enjoy peace, safety, security and sustainable livelihood.


  1. Implementation of the community, personal and other relevant Human Security components like Food Security, health and economic rights.

  2. Advocacy for inclusion of all vulnerable groups as well as ensuring political and Human Rights of all Sudanese.

  3. Response to emergency humanitarian needs whenever feasible while linking it to rehabilitation development.


  JASMAR on focus:

JASMAR is a Human Security Organization that was born on November, 2001 and is registered with the Humanitarian Aid Commission. JASMAR establishment was a response to the ERW threats on one hand and encouraged by the global campaign against landmines on the other hand. While JASMAR is currently engaged in Humanitarian Mine Action, its domain of activities goes beyond to include combating ERW, controlling HIV/AIDS and advocating for people with disabilities as well as addressing sustainable livelihoods. Read more



Mine Action

 Mine Risk Education (MRE) or Mine Awareness is one of mine action fields JASMAR working on. The main partner in MRE is UNICEF ...


Demining: JASMAR has begun work in mine clearance at the end of 2001 in Nuba Mountains where JASMAR developed a partnership with  Danish Church Aid (DCA)....


Victim Assistance is one of the fundamental pillars of the Mine Action. It means the care and rehabilitation for mines' victims. Our partners in this field are UNMAO & UNDP. Also JASMAR advocates for the CRPD ...


 Advocacy for international treaties

JASMAR has rendered itself to address untapped issues before like Human Security (which used to be a primarily sate business).



Socio-economic re-integration DDR

JASMAR contributes to the peace building process through the re-integration of ex-combatants ..... <more>

Combating of HIV/AIDS

As combating of HIV/AIDS is a human security challenge JASMAR activities are oriented to reduce HIV/AIDS risk. <more>


Peace building and development

JASMAR is one of the NGOs carried out a marathon mission to achieve and sustain the peace process in Sudan.



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